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WHY Youth Work? 


Youth Work 

It is our vision in The WHY Project that “all young people should have a safe place to be able to enjoy their lives and improve their present for a better future.” The WHY Project is a youth work charity, which provides safe spaces for young people to support their personal, emotional and educational development. 

We achieve this by:


  • Establishing trusted relationships with young people in the community.

  • Providing a consistent and stable space for young people to explore their values, beliefs, and personal challenges.

  • Creating opportunities for young people to learn new skills and explore their potential.

  • Promoting the welfare of young people through early intervention (child protection/safeguarding.


Our youth work is underpinned by the following values:


Young people make their own choice to participate in our programs and each one is an active partner in the opportunities we deliver.  


Staff and programming focuses on supporting the whole person and we respect each young person’s life experiences.



Activities are informed by and provided in the local community.


The relationship and dialogue between young persons and youth workers is central to the learning process and this learning flows both ways.


We believe youth work is an essential lifesaving service for young people, delivered through a series of small and meaningful interventions. Our approach is traditional, and our core focus is on building positive and trusting relationships, consistency, creating safe spaces and focusing on the whole person. From our experience, these small things add up to making a real and lasting difference. We create an environment where young people are celebrated and where the focus is on their abilities and their potential.


We provide opportunities to learn, grow, explore and have fun while developing the tools and skills that young people can use throughout their lives. Our young people engage in a variety of activities like learning to cook and trying new foods, as well as travelling to new places and having fresh experiences like climbing and spending time outdoors. They participate in decision-making, build up their  autonomy, plan activities, gain awards and accreditation, and realise opportunities to move towards further education and employment, all of which contributes to raising their confidence and sense of self-worth.


Our groups are inclusive and respond readily to change when it is needed. We rely on our relationships with people to inform our practise and ensure the spaces really are safe spaces, where young people and families can either switch off and relax for a while or have fun chatting to someone.

Our clubs are a judgement free space where everyone can explore their thoughts, and feelings, as well as take part in workshops and activities that can help young people tackle personal challenges, raise awareness and even upend the status quo.


Benefits of Youth Work 

Youth work plays a crucial role in supporting the holistic development of young people and promoting a more inclusive and thriving society;


It offers various benefits such as;

Personal Development 


Social integration & inclusion




Community engagement

Prevention of risky & antisocial behaviour

Mitigation of adverse childhood experiences

Future opportunities


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