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What we do

Drop-In Youth Clubs

Each drop-in club is tailored to a specific age group e.g. 1st & 2nd year students and is otherwise open with no formal joining or membership process. For safeguarding and health and safety purposes, young people are required to complete a registration form. There is no fee for attending and hot food is always provided. A wide range of activities are available to young people which include pool, sports, gaming, cooking, and crafts. In addition, educational workshops are held which, raise awareness about and provide support for issues directly impacting young people such as mental health, drugs and alcohol. 


Girls Group

Our girls groups is for girls aged 10-12, targeted around the transition from primary school to high school. The groups include similar activities to the drop-in clubs; pool, sports, gaming, cooking, and crafts. There is a key focus on issues which directly impact girls in this age group including friendship, confidence building, and body positivity. Likewise, there is no formal joining or membership process, however for safeguarding and health and safety purposes young people are required to complete a registration form. There is no fee for attending and hot food is always provided. 

Awards Group

Open to all ages, however numbers are limited and registration is required to allow the necessary support to be implemented.  This group allows young people to take part in awards programmes including Duke of Edinburgh and Dynamic Youth Awards. Young people are supported through the process with more 1:1 staff time. The awards schemes allow young people to focus on gaining accreditation, gaining new skills, taking part in new experiences and building confidence. The groups are free to attend, and additional support is provided with all additional costs involved (e.g., camping equipment for expedition). Hot food is also provided. 


Multi-Cultural Group

Open to all ages, this group has been set up to try to strengthen relationships, reduce racially motivated bullying, and improve friendships between young people from a variety of backgrounds in the area through their involvement in sports. This is achieved through engagement in fun activities, education and awareness, and peer mentoring.  This is run in partnership with Wester Hailes Community Sports Hub, Black and minority ethnic charity Passion4Fusion and The City of Edinburgh Council.  There is no fee for attending and hot food is always provided. 

Holiday Activities

We provide opportunities to families in the area throughout the school holidays, free of charge and include lunch/travel. This gives families the chance to take part in fun activities that can be difficult to afford, spend quality time together and mix with other adults.  It’s breathing space for people making difficult financial choices every day, an opportunity to relax and feel supported, and a day full of fun and laughter which ultimately leads to improved health and well-being for the whole family.       


Sign-Posting Service

Through building relationships in our holiday activities, we are able to offer additional support to families though signposting. This includes emergency grants for food and utility bills, referrals for food banks, and benefits services.  Our service is respectful, responsive and understands how challenging it can be to seek help. We treat people with dignity and work with them towards solutions which ultimately remove stress and improve circumstances for young people and their families.  

Within the age specifications our groups are free and open to young people (excluding targeted groups e.g. girls group), you can simply pop in to one of the groups below or drop us a message if you have any questions.


Our groups are friendly, welcoming and most of all fun!


Parents/Professionals/Referrals - please email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

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