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Our Wee Story

The Wee Haven Youth Project was established in October 2018 by friends Kevin Brown and Sabrina Tickle, they studied Community Education at The University of Edinburgh together and have gained extensive experience in youth, community work and the third sector over the years.  Both went to youth clubs as young people and grew up in working class areas (Kevin from Wester Hailes and Sabrina from Glasgow/Niddrie), it was these experiences and the strong belief that youth work is a fundamental right for young people that helped shape the vision for The Wee Haven Youth Project. 


In January 2019, the first youth group ran with around very limited funds for the full year and no paid staff.  Alongside Kevin & Sabrina working full time jobs, their spare time was dedicated to building the charity, it was this and the overwhelming support of friends, family and local people that allowed the groups to go ahead - volunteering time and donating their hard earned money to make it happen. 

The support in these early days, which continues to this day will never be forgotten.  


In the early days when considering our name there was a lot of back and forward, keen to honour the area, emphasise important aspects of youth work (safe spaces) and the idea of creating a home away from home.  Taking all this and a public Facebook poll into consideration and The Wee Haven Youth Project was created known commonly as 'The WHY Project' or 'WHY'.  

Fast forward a few years, a global pandemic and the charity is thriving, working with over 120 young people on a weekly basis, delivering excellent youth clubs, weekend groups, holiday provision and signposting support for families.  There is a fantastic youth work team, a dedicated board of trustees and the on-going support locally and from friends and family.  

We look forward to many more years.  




To provide safe and fun environments through our ‘Wee Havens’ to nourish bodies and minds, improve outcomes for young people living in areas of poverty and deprivation and meaningfully influence policy and government strategy.


All young people should have a safe place to be able to enjoy their lives and improve their present for a better future.

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