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  1. Safe and Fun
    Provide safe, accessible and inclusive spaces for young people to spend time and have fun.


  2. Feed bodies
    Provide food for all at our Wee Havens so no young person goes to bed hungry.


  3. Feed minds
    Educate, communicate, provide resource, relevant topics, driven by the young people’s needs.


  4. Support
    Individual needs and challenges, nurture supportive community, be role models.


  5. Inspire and Encourage
    Workshops, challenge the status quo, why accept the current? shape their future? make positive choices.


  6. Be part of the Community
    Encourage youth to shape the community, drive solutions to local challenges.


  7. Inform policy and government strategy
    Advocating for and alongside young people for more effective policy in the eradication of poverty and social inequality.


Our Approach

Our youth activities reflect the three characteristics of youth work in Scotland:

1. It is freely chosen by young people,

2. We provide activities in the local community and their life experiences are respected,

3. Each young person is an active partner in opportunities we deliver.  

The relationship and dialogue between the young person and our youth workers is central to the learning process. Our youth workers learn from the young person through this relationship.

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